BTA-PROMPT uses the latest in RFID race timing products from Chronotrack.


We are the only local chip-timer in the Bahamas.  We primarily use the following hardware:


Chronotrack Minitrack

Lightweight & Portable


110V & Battery Operated

Used at Start/Finish/Split points

Used for an Announcer Station


Chronotrack Gators

Ideal for Start/Finish Lines

Used for Split Points

Can handle light vehicle traffic




Chronotrack Flashpoints

Ideal for Biking Applications

Used for Split Points

Can combine with Gators for backup lines

Ideal for uneven terrain such as mud-runs


We currently have the capabilities to provide up to 5 timing points, and can combine timing points on out-and-back courses to provide your participants with more split-times.  We can use a combination of our equipment to have the best possible solution for your race.  We also have partnerships with other Chronotrack timers to be able to provide for larger or longer races requiring more equipment.

We use backup lines for all of our finish points and supplement these with line mounted video cameras.  We consistently get 100% read-rates at finish lines.

We utilize nearly silent generators to provide our own power and not distract from your event.

Contact us today to see how we can help your race grow!