BTA Conchman Triathlon 2023

Rain or shine, this year’s BTA Conchman Triathlon was an absolute blast! The day started with a drizzle, but that didn’t dampen our spirits one bit. In fact, it added a touch of adventure to the event, and as the clouds parted, it paved the way for a day filled with energy, enthusiasm, and unforgettable memories.

It was heartwarming to see familiar faces and welcome back all the incredible participants, both young and old. The Conchman Triathlon community is like a big, extended family, and every year feels like a reunion with old friends and a chance to make new ones.

We are excited to present the results below from this year’s races. Whether you conquered the swim, dominated the bike race, or excelled in other events, we’ve got the details you’re looking for. Check out the RESULTS across various age categories and events, and relive the triumphs and incredible moments of the 2023 BTA Conchman Triathlon.




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